Thursday, August 19, 2010

A/C Resolution

So as you all know, last night I got to sleep with no air conditioning.  In North Carolina - in the middle of August.  Luckily, the weather played nice yesterday evening and it started raining about the time I went to bed and kept raining the whole night.  It was perfect - I could sleep with the windows down and the wind wasn't blowing the rain in my house.  Those are the nights with the best sleep.

But I digress...I woke up this morning and the air conditioner still wasn't responding.  I had to go to work, so my dad came over and called the repair person.  He didn't make it to my house until about 3pm.  He stayed for about 15 minutes and said that my thermostat wasn't programmed correctly.  So, he programmed it for me, checked my freon, charged me $170 (yeah, you read that correctly) and left.  My dad called to tell me he was done and that it was working around 3:15.  Dad left my house and I decided to come home from work (teacher workday today) and I got there around 3:30.

Much to my dismay, I walked in the house thinking, "Hooray!  My air conditioner works now!" - only to be brutally disappointed.  No cool air was blowing out.  Outside, unit is once again a snow cone.  Tears of frustration start pouring down my face as I call my dad to tell him once more that it's not working. 

By 5:30pm, repair guy is back at my house.  He goes under the house and discovers that one of the relays/delays (whatever) that switches the fan on and off in the air handler (which blows the cool air in the house) is completely and totally broken.  So he has to replace them.  Add another $105 for my parts and now my air conditioner works like a dream come true. 

I am now exhausted, but relieved.  I have been worrying all day about the worst of the worst with my air conditioner.  Thankfully, it wasn't that major.  Just wish I didn't have to part with $275...but it could have been much worse, I know :)

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