Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A moment of reflection...

We all have those moments where we go "What the heck was I thinking?"  Right?

Upon reviewing all of my jewelry creations, I have had several of those moments.  I know that my harshest critic has always been myself and I have taken some time to reflect upon the things I have been making.  I have sold/traded 9 items at this point in my store since July which for me I think is awesome.  I was super proud of those items.  But I've been looking at the things that have been listed since August (especially my earrings) and wondering why I even posted them on Etsy!  I don't like them any more.  And I feel like if I don't like then I can't sell them.  Am I crazy?

So, I've deactivated several of my listings.  I'm going to revamp some pieces and relist them.  My creative design juices are flowing again after having designer's block (instead of writer's block, haha).  I can't wait to show them to everyone.  Meanwhile, in the last 2 days I have made nearly 7 new pairs of earrings and they are totally amazing.  My plan is to photograph them tomorrow so I can list them tomorrow night.

Reflections are tough, but it's going to make me a better jewelry designer!

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